Team Liquid and Vici Gaming knocked out of The Chongqing Major

Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses Face Off

As The Chongqing Major enters its final four rounds, two teams, Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses, were eliminated from the ongoing Dota 2 tournament. Vici Gaming seemed to have EG’s gameplan figured out, countering it with a defensive strategy. EG’s SumaiL Hassan put up a valiant effort, but couldn’t stop Vici from taking advantage. Additionally, S4 had one of the worst performances in the 7.20 era. Despite Vici’s early lead, EG switched tactics and managed to push the game into the late stages, eventually securing a victory.

Fnatic Triumphs Over Team Liquid

Meanwhile, Fnatic faced off against Team Liquid in a close battle. Liquid, known for their chemistry, struggled with the addition of new player Chu “Shadow” Zeyu. Fnatic capitalized on Liquid’s disjointed gameplay and secured a win, with Abed Azel Yusop and Pyo “MP” No-a performing exceptionally. With this victory, Fnatic advanced to face LGD Gaming in the next round, while Liquid and Vici were eliminated with top eight placements.

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