Team Freedom emerges victorious over compLexity gaming in the Dota 2 BEAT Invitational

Team Freedom Wins Dota 2 BEAT Invitational

Last night, Team Freedom emerged victorious in the Dota 2 BEAT Invitational, defeating compLexity Gaming with a 3-1 scoreline. This win solidifies their position as one of the top teams in North America, at least for the time being.

The BEAT Invitational, formerly known as Canada Cup, saw Freedom triumph just days after their roster, previously known as “is GG,” signed with the organization. The North American Dota 2 scene has a reputation for being unstable, particularly in its second tier.

Freedom’s road to victory at the BEAT Invitational showcases the persistence of the organization. Since The International 6 in August 2016, the team has played for a total of eight different organizations. Even Freedom itself has had four or five different lineups since its inception in December 2015. Despite the volatility, their triumph at the BEAT Invitational is undoubtedly their most significant achievement to date.

This tournament brought together 12 North American tier two and three teams. Freedom, previously known as is GG, received a direct invite to the playoffs. They defeated semi-professional team Uncle Blink in the quarterfinals and overcame the Peruvian squad Elite Wolves in a 2-0 series.

In the winner’s finals, Freedom faced off against compLexity Gaming, resulting in another 2-0 sweep. However, the grand finals rematch between the two teams proved to be more evenly matched, despite Freedom ultimately winning with a 3-1 scoreline. The first two games of the series lasted over an hour each, and it was only in the final game that Freedom asserted their dominance. Both teams showed familiarity with the 7.06 metagame, utilizing popular heroes such as Kunkka, Jakiro, and Batrider.

As the winners of the BEAT Invitational, Team Freedom will be awarded $10,000 and the opportunity to boast about their victory over compLexity’s players. Although this win does not guarantee them a direct invite to The International 7, it suggests that Freedom may not have to go through the open qualifiers which are expected to take place next month.

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