Team Faceless disbands due to unsuccessful qualification for The International 7

Team Faceless Disbands After Failing to Qualify for The International 7

The highly acclaimed esports team, Team Faceless, has reportedly disbanded following their failure to qualify for The International 7. Despite their success during the season, the team’s manager, FaceTammy “furryfish” Tang, confirmed the breakup in a recent Twitch stream.

Team Faceless: A Brief History

Formed shortly after The International 6, Team Faceless quickly gained a loyal fan base. The team consisted of popular players such as Daryl “iceiceice” Koh Pei Xiang and Dominic “Black” Reitmeier, along with three other established players from the Southeast Asian Dota 2 scene.

A Consistent Contender in the SEA Region

Despite facing mixed results throughout the year, Team Faceless remained a prominent force in the Southeast Asian region. The team managed to secure around $250,000 in winnings, with notable performances in the Boston Major and the Kiev Major.

Uncertain Future for Team Faceless Players

It is currently unknown what the future holds for the players of Team Faceless. However, two of the players, Jabz and iceiceice, were recently seen participating in the qualifiers for WCA 2017 under the team Mineski. As we approach The International, more information about their future endeavors is expected to be revealed.

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