Team Admiral Addresses DeMoN’s Claims of Mistreatment and Substandard Team Housing

Team Admiral Fires Back at Former Player DeMoN’s Allegations of Mistreatment

Filipino Dota 2 team, Team Admiral, has responded to allegations made by its former player, Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, regarding poor living conditions and mistreatment by the management. DeMoN had previously raised these concerns in a stream clip.

In the clip, DeMoN discusses an incident during a tournament where he asked the manager, named Martin, for water. The manager responded sarcastically, and after the team lost the match, sent a message the next day about expecting respect.

In response to DeMoN’s claims, Team Admiral’s management posted a blog on Xysticus, refuting all allegations. They provided chat logs and explanations to support their side of the story. They stated that the living conditions were not as described by DeMoN and that he had his own bedroom while the management team shared a room with the players.

The blog also addressed additional demands made by DeMoN, including asking an unpaid staff member to do his laundry and accusing the housemaid of stealing his wristwatch. According to the management, DeMoN refused to sign his contract with the organization, causing further issues.

DeMoN responded to Admiral’s claims on Twitter, calling them exaggerated and fabricated.

This controversy is ongoing, with more developments expected.

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