Team achieves victory against OMG but loses first game in LPL Summer Split

Top Esports Continues Dominant Streak with Victory over OMG in 2020 LPL Summer Split

Top Esports extended their impressive winning streak by defeating OMG in week two of the 2020 LPL Summer Split. However, they did experience their first loss of the split against the struggling League of Legends team.

Despite a challenging start, OMG displayed signs of life in their match against Top. They managed to win the first game of the series, even though they fell behind in terms of damage and gold.

Screengrab via Riot Games

However, Top quickly regained control of the series, although they gave OMG a glimmer of hope in the last game with some lost teamfights.

Despite securing another win, Top’s star AD carry JackeyLove and support Yuyanjia did not exhibit their usual dominance in this series. They were caught out multiple times during the games, including critical moments.

On the other hand, Top’s solo laners, knight and 369, delivered outstanding performances throughout the series. They excelled both in the laning phase and in teamfights, especially after successful ganks from Karsa.

Meanwhile, OMG’s performance has continued to decline since the Spring Split. However, today, jungler H4cker was in the spotlight, winning the MVP title for the first game of the series with an impressive 94 percent kill participation. Mid laner Icon also had strong showings on LeBlanc and Zoe, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the top team in the LPL standings.

Top Esports bears the weight of high expectations after their recent victories against LPL Spring champions JD Gaming in both the Mid-Season Cup finals and the regular season two days ago.

Next, Top will face LGD on June 20, another undefeated team in the league. One of their respective win streaks will come to an end later this week.

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