Tally Technology introduces Game Center gamification platform for NBA and NFL teams

Tally Technology Launches New Game Center to Enhance Fan Engagement

Tally Technology has introduced its new Game Center, an immersive gaming platform designed to appeal to a wide range of sports fans. The platform, currently live with NBA and NFL teams, offers various team-themed game experiences for different types of fans. This customizable gamification solution allows teams, leagues, broadcasters, and brands to consolidate their fan engagement programs in one place, with all interactions linked to a single user ID.

The Game Center features a variety of game types, including pick’em, trivia, bingo, word searches, and skill-based sports contests, with more to come. These games are aimed at increasing fan engagement and attracting new audiences, while also providing new sponsorship opportunities. The platform also includes a community element, allowing players to challenge friends in private groups.

Tally CEO, Brad Vettese, expressed his excitement about the new Game Center, stating that it has the potential to be a major hit with all types of fans. He believes that the platform’s multiple games and customizable features will appeal to a broad audience and provide valuable data insights. Tally has previously powered gamification programs for major sports franchises in North and South America, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Tally’s fan engagement platform is used by sportsbooks, broadcasters, leagues, and teams worldwide to drive fan engagement, retention, and revenue generation through sponsorship activations and data creation.

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