T1 vs. Weibo in 2023 Worlds finals could set new record for esports viewership

T1 Advances to World Championship Finals, Top Esports Event in the Making

T1’s extraordinary performance against JD Gaming has earned them a spot in the World Championship finals, and the excitement among League of Legends fans is skyrocketing. This upcoming match against Weibo Gaming has the potential to make esports history.

According to Esports Charts, the current record for the highest esports viewership is held by the 2021 Free Fire World Series in Singapore, with a staggering 5.4 million peak viewers. However, this weekend could see League break that record and reach unprecedented heights.

Worlds 2023 is already ranked third on the all-time viewership list with a peak of 4.3 million viewers during T1’s series against JDG. With the grand finals on the horizon, League could easily claim the top spot.

League‘s World Championship is consistently one of the most-watched esports events. Three of the top five most-viewed events of all time are related to the championship. This year, the event is held in T1’s home country of Korea, and the opening ceremony will feature a performance by the popular K-pop group, NewJeans.

T1 has already participated in two of the three most-viewed events of all time. As they take the stage on November 19, they will have the support of their home crowd. The legendary Faker will be aiming for another Summoner’s Cup, facing off against their long-standing rivals, the LPL.

All in all, an explosive event is set to unfold as the GOAT strives for his fourth championship. Fans from around the world, both casual and hardcore, will be eagerly watching, ready to witness another unforgettable chapter in the history of esports.

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