Syndra’s latest story unveils an intriguing Ionian character, who surprisingly isn’t a playable champion

Riot Publishes New Lore-Packed Story on Universe

Riot has released a brand-new story about Syndra today on Universe, the one-stop-shop for all things lore in League of Legends. The story, called The Dreaming Pool, offers a glimpse into Syndra’s past and her imprisonment in an Ionian prison-like pool.

The Story Focuses on Syndra’s Imprisonment and Kalan’s Role

Syndra is trapped in a pool of water that keeps her in a deep slumber. Her own Ionian kin confined her there after she caused destruction to a temple due to her immense power. While trapped, Syndra relives a haunting memory from her childhood where her dark powers first awakened.

However, the story doesn’t solely focus on Syndra. The true protagonist is Kalan, a Vastayan called a Noxus turncoat, stationed at the fortress built around the Dreaming Pool. The fortress was constructed by Ionians to prevent Syndra from awakening and causing havoc.

A Battle Ensues with the Ninjas

Ionian ninjas invade the fortress with the goal of killing Syndra to eliminate the threat she poses. One of the ninjas, Sirik, used to be a guard at the fortress and is determined to bring an end to Syndra’s power. However, during the fight, Syndra wakes up to Sirik’s attempt to stab her and retaliates by killing Orik, who wanted to use her to win a war.

Kalan’s Sacrifice and the End of the Story

As revenge for her imprisonment, Syndra forces Kalan into the dreaming pool, trapping him forever. It is revealed that Kalan willingly chose this fate to protect Ionia and his Vastayan family, even if it meant being labeled a traitor. In the end, Syndra flies off into the sunset, leaving Kalan as the true hero of the story.

Despite the intriguing story, it’s a bummer that we didn’t get to know more about Kalan, who is arguably more interesting than many other champions in League of Legends.

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