SyndereN Joins Forces with Former Alliance Members for the Upcoming Dota Season

Troels “syndereN” Nielsen Returns to Competitive Play in Dota 2

One thing remains constant in the world of Dota 2: Troels “syndereN” Nielsen’s determination to make a comeback as a professional player. Despite his successful career as a shoutcaster, syndereN has always had the desire to compete at the highest level.

Previously, syndereN played for top tier 1 European teams like mousesports and Escape Gaming, alongside well-known players Adrian “FATA-” Trinks and Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat.

This year, syndereN joins forces with former Alliance members Adrian “Era” Kryeziu, Jonas “jonassomfan” Lindholm, and Simon “Handsken” Haag. They will be joined by Lebanese player Anas “MagE-” Hirzallah as the team’s mid laner.

SyndereN takes on the hard support role, with Handsken as his utility support partner. Era will fulfill the hard carry role, while jonassomfan will play in the offlane position.

Before this new team, syndereN was part of Crescendo, a team consisting of Swedish and Danish players who were invited to the European regional qualifiers for The International 7. Unfortunately, Crescendo disbanded after failing to qualify for the event.

SyndereN also had a short stint with Ninjas in Pyjamas earlier this year, where he played alongside Era. However, he only stayed with the organization for three months.

Last month, Era, jonassomfan, and Handsken left Alliance after a disappointing year. Despite their struggles, they achieved their first significant victory in a year and a half by winning The Final Match in Peru. Throughout most of 2017, Alliance was floating between tier 1 and 2 in the European scene.

As for MagE-, he is a relatively unproven player with around 8,600 MMR. He specializes in high skill-cap heroes like Invoker and Shadow Fiend, showing impressive results in his pub games as Tinker.

The team has yet to be named, and this announcement suggests that syndereN will be taking a break from fulltime shoutcasting.

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