Suning narrowly defeated by EDG in LPL Summer Split

Suning Loses Series Against EDward Gaming in Week Two of Summer Split

Suning faced off against EDward Gaming earlier today in week two of the Summer Split. Unfortunately, the League of Legends team lost the series 2-1, marking their third consecutive loss.

Both teams have a similar style of playing around map objectives. This was evident in the first game, where fights broke out around the Baron pit. Interestingly, each team that initiated the fight ended up losing it, resulting in EDG’s victory in the first match.

Suning performed well in the early game but lost control after the laning phase. Their only win came after capitalizing on critical mistakes made by EDG.

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The match also showcased the immense strength of Aphelios. Both AD carries made significant plays on this champion, influencing the outcome of several fights. While Aphelios helped secure SN’s victory in the second match, huanfeng’s damage wasn’t enough to secure a win in the last game of the series.

Despite Suning’s strong early game and successful map objective control, EDG proved to be the superior team in terms of team fights and rotations. This is noteworthy considering that EDG substituted in jungler Jiejie, who has only played one match with the team since the start of the Summer Split.

Looking ahead, EDG will face off against Invictus Gaming on Sunday, June 21. After losing their last match 2-0 in the Spring Split, EDG will be eager to turn the tides this time.

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