From Gaming Content Creator to Owner of Horaa Esports: The Journey

By Saloni Sehmi
From Gaming Content Creator to Owner of Horaa Esports: The Journey

Journey of Cr7 Horaa as a Gaming Content Creator

Cr7 Horaa, an influential figure in the gaming industry, transitioned from being a gaming content creator to the owner of Horaa Esports. Starting his YouTube journey in March 2021, he gained popularity with his funny gaming clips that went viral on social media. Despite facing challenges along the way, Cr7 Horaa persevered and became the fastest-growing gaming content creator in Nepal, amassing over 500K subscribers on YouTube. His dedication and hard work have propelled him to success.

Building a Loyal Fanbase

Cr7 Horaa excelled in engaging his viewers and building a loyal fanbase. Through his entertaining content and live streams, he connected with his audience and supported social organizations focused on education and health. His involvement in helping activities has earned him the support and admiration of his fans. We congratulate Cr7 Horaa on his bright future and thank him for his positive contributions.

Transition of Cr7 Horaa to the Owner of Esports Organization

Cr7 Horaa made a pivotal decision to venture into the world of esports and founded Horaa Esports. Operating an esports organization comes with its own challenges and opportunities, requiring dedication and a passionate team. With a vision to make a significant impact in the gaming world, Horaa Esports plans to solidify its position in the PUBG Mobile esports world. Cr7 Horaa is committed to the growth and development of his organization and teams.

Horaa Esports

Horaa Esports was announced by Cr7 Horaa after reaching 500K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Currently, Horaa Esports has an official gaming roster for PUBG Mobile, and their team participated in the DRS Showdown, a competitive game. We hope to see Horaa Esports expand to other esports games in the future and achieve more success in the gaming world.

Horaa Esports Lineups

The official lineup of Horaa Esports for PUBG Mobile was announced on October 12, 2023. As the gaming world evolves, we may see changes in the team lineups. The current PUBG Mobile lineup of Horaa Esports includes Mafianinja, Nofear, Sky, Mr.boro, and Malik. We wish them success in upcoming events and their journey to conquer the global stage.

Horaa Esports Achievements DRS Showdown Champion

Horaa Esports achieved significant success by winning the DRS Showdown, the biggest third-party PUBG tournament in Nepal with a prize pool of Nrs. 10 Lakh. They also won the NEPAL EUROPEAN LEAGUE organized by Team Hope Esports. We anticipate more achievements from Horaa Esports in the future and appreciate DRS Gaming for their contributions to promoting esports in Nepal.

Journey of Horaa Esports Becoming the Champion | DRS Showdown

Cr7 Horaa’s journey from a gaming content creator to the owner of Horaa Esports is an inspiring tale. His passion, adaptability, and strong vision have set him apart and made a mark on the gaming industry. Aspiring content creators and esports enthusiasts can learn valuable insights from his experiences. We express our gratitude to the individuals, organizations, and resources that contributed to this story.

Stay updated with Cr7 Horaa and Horaa Esports by following them on social media and visiting their official platforms.

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