Spot-on Jinx cosplay by an Arcane fan

Cosplayer Littlejem Goes Viral with Jinx Cosplay from Arcane

With the completion of Arcane season one, fans eagerly await the second season and speculate on its direction. The fascinating world of Piltover and Zaun has inspired a wave of creative art and designs since the release of the Netflix series.

Cosplayer Littlejem gained popularity with their incredibly accurate Jinx cosplay. The outfit features colored contacts, long blue braids, and multiple replicas of Jinx’s weapons. Littlejem showcased their cosplay in a viral video featuring the theme song “Enemy” from Arcane, amassing nearly a million views on TikTok and over 300,000 views on Instagram Reels.

This cosplay captures Jinx’s appearance flawlessly, from the outfit to the tattooed arms. The highlight of the video is a clever eye color transition. Initially, Littlejem wears blue contacts, but as the beat drops in the song, they blink and their eyes transform into Jinx’s iconic pinkish-purple hue. This mimics the character’s change in Act Two to Act Three, triggered by the noxious substance Shimmer, administered by Singed. Jinx unravels further and loses her sanity, but a glimpse of the kind-hearted Powder remains deep within.

Littlejem has cosplayed various other characters, including League of Legends champions like Katarina, Riven, and Jinx. Additionally, they share Final Fantasy cosplays and projects such as a quadsuit for Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. For more progress photos of the Jinx cosplay, visit Littlejem’s Instagram.

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