Soraka Player Defies Death, Secures Multiple Kills in Ranked League Match

League of Legends Player Dominates with Soraka in the Top Lane

A League of Legends player recently showcased their skill by using Soraka in the top lane to secure kills and assists in a short amount of time.

In a highlight reel shared by the player, they displayed their composure during fights against an opposing Viego who was hunting for early kills.

Mechanical Prowess Leads to Multiple Kills

As soon as Viego reached level two, he aggressively pushed forward, trying to eliminate Soraka. However, Soraka remained calm and countered with her abilities while also landing auto attacks for additional damage. Despite Viego using his Flash to secure the first kill, Soraka utilized her Barrier to save herself and start her own killing spree.

Despite lacking Teleport, Soraka stayed in the lane, continued farming, and eventually found herself being ganked by the enemy Lee Sin. With a quick Flash, Soraka turned the tables and not only survived but also took the double buff from Lee Sin. Unable to recover from his losses, Viego kept making futile attempts to secure kills, resulting in two more deaths and Soraka gaining a significant gold advantage.

Soraka’s Resurgence as a Solo Laner

Traditionally known as a support character, Soraka’s viability in solo lanes has been limited due to various nerfs. However, with the recent item rework, she has once again become a popular choice for solo laners. Players are now experimenting with different builds to find success with Soraka in a non-support role.

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