SoftGamings and Spinthon Partner to Offer Innovative Gaming Solutions

Spinthon and SoftGamings Collaborate for Enhanced iGaming Experience

Spinthon, a leading company in the iGaming industry, is thrilled to announce its partnership with renowned iGaming solutions developer SoftGamings. This collaboration aims to integrate their platforms, providing players with a wider selection of premium games. By seamlessly embedding Spinthon’s games into SoftGamings’ platform, customers will enjoy a gaming experience enriched with high-quality content.

Expanding Presence in Global Markets

The alliance between Spinthon and SoftGamings is built on innovation and technology, with the goal of expanding their presence in global markets and delighting both new and existing players.

Innovative Casino Games

Spinthon is known for creating exciting casino games with stunning visuals, smooth gameplay, and addictive mechanics. These games have the power to captivate players for hours on end.

Aiming for a Cutting-Edge Gaming Experience

Rosen Androvski, the Chief Executive Officer for Spinthon, expressed the company’s focus on delivering a cutting-edge gaming experience. He believes that integrating Spinthon games into the SoftGamings platform is a significant step towards achieving this goal. This strong alliance promises to revolutionize the iGaming industry and bring these improvements to all players.

Redefining the iGaming Landscape

Anna Kiselova, the Head of Partnerships for SoftGamings, emphasized the successful launch of this dynamic partnership between Spinthon and SoftGamings. Together, they are redefining the iGaming landscape and delivering unparalleled entertainment, innovation, and player engagement. By combining their efforts, resources, and expertise, they create unique gaming products that provide superior audience engagement.

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