Soft2Bet Introduces Cutting-Edge Gamification Features Utilizing Modern Technology

How Gamification Drives Revenues and Boosts iGaming Growth

Gamification is more than just a “nice-to-have” feature for iGaming companies. It is a powerful tool that drives substantial revenues and helps them keep up with technological advances. According to Yoel Zuckerberg, Chief Product Officer at Soft2Bet, gamification is often overlooked as a key component of a company’s growth strategy.

There are several reasons behind this mindset. Firstly, tech development and integration projects can be expensive and time-consuming. Many companies may think that their existing products and revenues are sufficient, and therefore, do not see the need to invest in gamification features.

However, at Soft2Bet, gamification has always been a priority. They call it Motivational Engineering, emphasizing the importance of using technology to drive iGaming growth and benefit their partners.

Proof by numbers

Soft2Bet’s Motivational Engineering has proven to be successful in driving revenues for their operators. For example, their Betinia brand operates in Denmark and Sweden, two highly respected iGaming markets. In the past 12 months, Betinia recorded a 65% increase in gross gaming revenues (GGR) compared to non-gamified brands. The adoption rate of the gamification features was 60%, indicating strong engagement from players. Additionally, players who engaged with the features deposited larger amounts and had a 30% higher deposit frequency. The average revenue per user (ARPU) also increased by 70% for 50% of those who engaged with the gamification features.

Full integration

One of the reasons why Soft2Bet’s Motivational Engineering is successful is because it is fully integrated throughout their Player Account Management system. This comprehensive gamification solution delivers impressive returns for their partners in terms of GGR, lifetime value (LTV), and ARPU. Soft2Bet’s in-house platform, including their robust back office, dedicated games studio, payment gateway, and tailored solutions for retail and online environments, seamlessly incorporates gamification features.

Changing mindsets for the digital age

The online gambling industry is often seen as conservative, with outdated platforms that struggle to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Soft2Bet addresses these challenges through tech innovation. Their platform is based on agile and modular microservices, including a payment gateway, bonus engine, GSP gateway, enhanced affiliation and marketing tools, CRM tools, and their proprietary Motivational Engineering gamification engine.

To stay relevant in the industry, Soft2Bet believes in keeping up with B2B and B2C trends, such as embracing new channels, exploring gameplay niches, and combining mobile casual gaming with real money gaming. They emphasize that gamification is an ongoing journey that requires the implementation of a tech revolution using microservices, AI, web3, casual gaming, and new channels. Despite the time and resources required, the rewards are significant.

Motivational Engineering in practice

Soft2Bet offers gamification tools in their products, such as “Bonus Crab,” a real-time claw machine where players can convert toy prizes into bonuses. They also have “Betinia Stadiums,” a highly localized gamification engine that combines engaging sports with virtual stadium building in different cities. Their top solution, the “City Builder” game, merges a Roman city builder with an online casino experience. Lastly, their latest feature, “BattleSlot,” combines online slots with a card game and allows players to capture new territories by winning slot battles and receiving bonuses.

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