Smartsoft takes on digital sponsorship role for the Argentine football team

SmartSoft Gaming Becomes Official Digital Sponsor for Argentine Football Team

The Argentine football team proudly announces SmartSoft Gaming as its new digital sponsor. With a global presence and a wide range of innovative casino games, SmartSoft has quickly become a key player in the industry.

Expanding Partnerships and Breaking Ground

SmartSoft has officially partnered with the Argentine national team, marking the first-ever European partnership for the Argentine Football Association (AFA). The goal of this collaboration is to strengthen ties between the current world champion, Argentina’s national team, and the Argentine football industry, bringing them closer to Europe.

A Historic Moment

Guga Gotsadze, Managing Partner of SmartSoft, expressed excitement about becoming the exclusive digital sponsor of the National Team of Argentina, stating, “Partnering with a world champion is a historic moment for our company. We’re thrilled to be the first gaming provider in Europe to embark on this journey with the Argentina Football Association and the National Team of Argentina. This collaboration will propel our company and our games to new horizons.”

Expanding Networks and Showcasing at SIGMA Europe

SmartSoft will officially present itself on the European market as a digital sponsor of the Argentine team at the gaming exhibition SIGMA Europe in Malta. This exhibition, scheduled for November 13-17, will be the 20th event this year for SmartSoft, where it will work towards expanding its network of partners.

About SmartSoft:

SmartSoft Gaming is a premier B2B provider of online casino game software. Their team of 120 professionals is committed to creating exciting and innovative games that deliver business growth to partner companies and extraordinary gameplay to players. By partnering with SmartSoft Gaming, casinos unlock a world of possibilities and can provide a unique and memorable gaming experience for their players.

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