SKT destroys Gigabyte Marines in a brutal clash

SK Telecom T1 Dominates the Gigabyte Marines at Mid Season Invitational

Today at the Mid Season Invitational, SK Telecom T1 completely dominated the Gigabyte Marines in their fifth match.

Instead of sticking to their usual clean playstyle, SKT decided to embrace the chaotic style of the GAM, which mainly revolves around constant fighting.

Out of all the members in SKT, it was Han “Peanut” Wang-ho who benefited the most from this bloodbath of a game.

Peanut showcased his exceptional ability to read GAM’s movements and consistently secured kills through well-timed counter ganks and skirmishes. In just a short span of time, Peanut managed to accumulate an impressive number of kills. By the 10-minute mark, Peanut had a perfect scoreline of 11/0/1.

At this stage, SKT had already secured their victory, but instead of swiftly ending the match, the Korean squad decided to prolong the game and test their skills against GAM. SKT scattered across the map, engaging in fights to see just how many kills they could rack up.

Eventually, SKT chose to put an end to the game, concluding it with a combined total of 46 kills from both teams.

With this victory, the Korean powerhouse maintains an undefeated record of six wins at MSI. Tomorrow, they will face off against Flash Wolves and TSM as they aim to continue their winning streak.

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