SK Telecom T1 advances in playoffs, defeating Gen.G

SK Telecom T1 Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive

SK Telecom T1 pulled off a surprising 2-1 upset against Gen.G, keeping their playoff dreams alive.

After benching star mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok eight days ago, SKT has been on a winning streak, winning their last three matches. However, some fans and experts remain skeptical due to the weak strength of their opponents. Two out of their three wins came from teams at the bottom of the standings.

But today, SKT faced off against the LCK’s second-best team, Gen.G, providing them with an opportunity to prove their status as playoff contenders.

Throughout the series, SKT showcased their strong understanding of the early game, consistently outplaying Gen.G in the laning phase through their early macro play. Whether it was jungle ganks from Kang “Blank” Sun-gu or Pirean’s roams in the bot lane, SKT always maintained an advantage over Gen.G, securing control of the Elemental Drakes and Rift Herald.

However, SKT encountered some difficulties in the mid game. Despite securing an early lead in game one, they struggled to replicate that success in the rest of the series.

SKT’s mid-game decision making proved to be their downfall, falling into Gen.G’s traps. These mistakes allowed Gen.G to secure the Elder Drake and make a comeback in game two.

Although SKT managed to win game three, their problems persisted. Fortunately for them, Gen.G had macro issues of their own, preventing them from taking control of the game. This led to a late-game Baron fight where SKT emerged victorious, giving them enough time to end the game before Gen.G’s players respawned.

Now with an 8-7 match record, SKT will face off against Afreeca Freecs on Aug. 1 as they continue their quest for the playoffs.

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