Selfie rejoins H2k and swiftly selects Fizz

Misfits Falls to H2k in a Surprisingly Close Game

Misfits, formerly the best team in the EU LCS, has been struggling recently. However, they were still favored to win against an H2k team missing key players.

H2k welcomed back mid laner Marcin “Selfie” Wolski after a couple of weeks out due to illness. Despite his absence, Selfie found a unique champion pick to use against Misfits – Fizz.

Fizz has had limited presence in competitive play this year, mainly played by LCK’s Lee “kurO” Seo-haeng. AP assassins like Fizz are not popular in the current meta, as they are easily countered by mages. However, Selfie decided to innovate against Misfits, who struggle against unexpected picks, as shown in their loss to Fnatic’s mid lane Wukong.

Selfie and H2k performed well in the early game, thanks to pressure from the jungle in the solo lanes. Despite taking down turrets, they couldn’t snowball their gold lead and Selfie couldn’t successfully assassinate Misfits’ backline.

Disaster struck when H2k attempted an early Baron. Misfits’ jungler, Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian, managed to steal the objective and Misfits collapsed to win the fight and secure the game.

Although the Fizz pick didn’t work out for H2k, the game was closer than expected. With upcoming buffs, Fizz may become more prevalent in professional play.

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