Schalke 04’s player Innaxe showcases Aphelios’ strength in dominating Rogue

Schalke 04’s Innaxe Shows Off Impressive Aphelios Mechanics in LoL Game

Although Schalke 04 lost their game against Rogue in the League of Legends European Championship, ADC Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev displayed some incredible Aphelios mechanics. Despite being left alone against four Rogue members in a fight near the dragon pit, Innaxe’s swift moves and superior mechanical skill allowed him to eliminate two opponents and survive unscathed.

Aphelios has been a nuisance since his release and has received multiple nerfs. Fnatic’s ADC Rekkles recently shared his opinion that older champions can’t compete with the newer and more powerful releases in today’s meta, including Aphelios. Rekkles argued that Riot should update older champion kits instead of constantly releasing new ones to address the imbalance.

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Innaxe’s outplay in the teamfight against Rogue is impressive, but it highlights the unfair advantage that champions with complex kits have over simpler champions. Nowadays, champions have too many tools for every situation, making it difficult for opponents to compete.

The LEC will return on Friday, June 19 with Schalke 04 facing G2 Esports at 1pm CT.

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