Schalke 04 clinch last LEC playoff berth with mid Nocturne performance

Schalke 04 Secures Last Playoff Spot in LEC Spring Split

Schalke 04 surprised everyone by securing the last playoff spot in the LEC Spring Split with a mid Nocturne pick. Their dominant performance against Excel Esports showcased their skills and ended the split on a high note.

Abbedagge, the MVP of the match, played a crucial role in S04’s victory. His engages with Paranoia led to multiple kills and completely disrupted Excel’s game plan.

The series started with both teams playing passively. This approach worked in S04’s favor as their composition required time to scale before they could overpower Excel.

Abbedagge’s initiation on Nocturne, supported by Karthus and Gangplank ultimates, destroyed Excel in teamfights. S04 then strategically traded Baron for split-pushing and secured the victory.

Although S04 started the split strong with a 5-2 record, they struggled and dropped in the standings. However, they made a comeback in the last two weeks, winning four consecutive matches to secure the final playoff spot.

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