Ryoma to Start for 100 Thieves in Final Week of LCS Spring Split

Ryoma to Start for 100 Thieves in Final Week of LCS Spring Split

100 Thieves has announced that Ryoma will be starting in the mid lane for the team during the upcoming final week of the LCS Spring Split. The decision was confirmed by the team’s general manager, Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith.

In an announcement video released by the organization, PapaSmithy expressed confidence in Ryoma, stating, “What we’re certain of as a staff, is that coming into week six, we’re continuing to flesh out our systems with Ryoma and field him for the final week of the regular season.”

Ryoma made his 2021 debut last weekend, replacing Damonte as announced by the team. In the three games he played on stage with 100 Thieves, the team won only one. However, Ryoma’s performance was relatively promising, achieving a scoreline of 12/7/16, resulting in a KDA of 4.0 in last week’s contests.

PapaSmithy emphasized that roster changes are made with playoff success in mind, stating, “At the end of the day, roster changes or any gameplay changes are made with playoff success in mind.”

Heading into the final week of the Spring Split, 100 Thieves currently holds a tied fourth place position with a record of 9-6. They have yet to secure a playoff spot but remain within two games of first place. However, they are also two games away from seventh place.

Despite losing three out of their last four games, 100 Thieves has the opportunity to secure a spot in the Mid-Season Showdown through favorable upcoming matchups against Immortals and FlyQuest, both of which they have previously defeated in the regular season with Damonte in the mid lane.

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