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Kuala Lumpur Major: Surprising Outcomes in Day Four

The Kuala Lumpur Major has seen its fair share of surprises, and the fourth day of competition was no different.

Evil Geniuses vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas

Evil Geniuses started strong against Ninjas In Pyjamas, dominating game one and taking an early lead.

NiP Strikes Back

NiP fought back in the second game, though it wasn’t as clean as their previous win. It took them longer to even the series, and their defense had some vulnerabilities.

NiP Claims Victory

In the deciding game, NiP prevailed after a drawn-out battle. It took them 46 minutes to break through EG’s defenses and secure a 2-1 series win, advancing in the upper bracket.

Virtus Pro vs. Fnatic

Virtus Pro easily defeated Fnatic in their upper bracket match. Virtus had an unusual lineup but managed to execute their strategies effectively.

J Storm Upsets Team Aster

J Storm surprised everyone by defeating Team Aster in a closely contested match. Both teams fought fiercely, but J Storm came out on top with a few crucial brawls.

Forward Gaming Overpowers Gambit Esports

Forward Gaming had a solid performance against Gambit Esports, gradually pulling ahead and securing the victory.

With Gambit’s elimination, all matches from now until the grand finals will be best-of-three series.

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