Rookie leads Invictus Gaming to win over Suning in week 2 of the 2020 LPL Summer Split

Invictus Gaming Dominates Suning in the LPL Summer Split

In an intense League of Legends showdown, Invictus Gaming (IG) showcased their dominance against Suning during the second week of the LPL’s 2020 Summer Split.

Rookie Shines with Incredible Plays

Rookie delivered a phenomenal performance today, excelling on Orianna in the first game and Zoe in the second. Although TheShy had a strong showing in the first game, his performance dipped in the second match, contributing to IG’s losses in the previous split. However, he redeemed himself by stealing Baron in the end, showcasing his skill and impact.

An Epic Battle of Strategy

The second game proved to be a nail-biter, with Invictus Gaming focused on acquiring dragons while Suning concentrated on taking down towers. Despite TheShy experiencing a couple of deaths, Suning’s top laner gained momentum and outplayed IG’s team. However, TheShy’s steal of the Baron in the mid-game prevented Suning from securing a victory, and IG capitalized on their advantage by securing the Mountain Dragon Soul.

IG’s Resilience Shines through in Victory

Despite Suning’s relentless attempts to push and finish the game, Invictus Gaming’s resilience proved to be too much to overcome. After Suning’s failed push in the bottom lane, IG took advantage of their mistakes and aced them, setting up a clear path to victory.

A Promising Future for Invictus Gaming

After finishing the Spring Split regular season in first place but falling short in the playoffs, IG aimed for redemption by settling on former World Champion Ning as their jungler for the summer split. With upcoming matches against Rogue Warriors and EDG, IG has the opportunity to regain their confidence and climb to the top of the LPL’s Summer Split standings.

Tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel next week to catch Invictus Gaming live and in action.

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