RNG Adds Bin and Shifts Xiaohu to Mid Lane for 2022 LPL Spring Split

Royal Never Give Up Acquires Bin for 2022 Season

Royal Never Give Up, one of the top teams in League of Legends, has added a new player to its roster for the upcoming 2022 season. Bin, formerly of Suning Gaming, has officially joined the team to fill an open spot. This vacancy was created as Xiaohu, who spent a year in the top lane, is transitioning back to the mid lane.

The addition of Bin brings even more strength to an already powerful team. With experienced stars like Wei, Gala, and Ming, Royal Never Give Up is poised to make a strong push for success both domestically and internationally. Bin’s fresh perspective and talent have the potential to ignite the team’s performance on Summoner’s Rift.

Despite being only 19 years old, Bin has already made a name for himself in the global League of Legends scene. His standout performance at the 2020 World Championship, where he helped lead Suning to the finals against DWG KIA, garnered him recognition. Bin’s skills and reputation made him a highly sought-after player during the offseason, despite Suning’s failure to qualify for international tournaments in 2021.

During the 2021 LPL Summer Split, Bin showcased his abilities with the eighth-most kills in the league and a 58.7-percent kill participation percentage, according to Oracle’s Elixir. His potential for growth and success is even greater now that he is part of the renowned RNG organization. Bin will also have the opportunity to learn from Xiaohu, both as a former top laner and now as a mid laner.

Xiaohu has made history as the first player to win an international championship in two roles, but his true strength lies in the mid lane. Over his five-year career in that position, he has secured four LPL championships, two MSI trophies, and participated in Worlds four times. In 2022, Xiaohu aims to apply his newfound knowledge from the top lane to dominate the mid lane, especially against formidable opponents like EDward Gaming’s Scout and LNG Esports’ Doinb.

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