Riot unveils upcoming modifications to earning event points in League of Legends

The 2021 Season of League of Legends Introduces Changes to Event Missions

The 2021 season of League of Legends was filled with exciting in-game events, including the highly anticipated Arcane celebration and the controversial Sentinels of Light event. These events gave players the opportunity to complete weekly missions and purchase premium passes for exclusive content. However, earning the necessary points to unlock rewards proved to be quite challenging.

Changes to Event Missions

In a recent blog post titled “Quick Gameplay Thoughts,” Riot Rovient, a member of the League of Legends events team, announced that they have reevaluated the way players earn points to complete missions during events. Previously, these missions required players to play and win numerous games, which could become tedious and time-consuming. Some of these missions were only accessible through the premium passes and offered greater rewards, but required excessive grinding.

Starting with the next event in League of Legends, called Debonair on Dec. 9, the way points are earned and the conditions for completing missions will be altered. Instead of earning points based on the number of games played or won, players will now earn points based on how much time they spend in each game mode.

Regardless of whether players choose to play on Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, or in event modes like Ultimate Spellbook or URF, they will receive four points per minute of gameplay, or six points if they win the game. To balance this change, the number of points required to complete weekly, orb, and token bank missions has been increased.

Teamfight Tactics and co-op versus AI players will also be eligible to earn points, but at a much lower rate compared to other modes in League of Legends. Missions that require players to achieve certain objectives, such as killing a certain number of enemies, will remain unchanged.

Launch of the New Points System

League of Legends players can look forward to the new event points system when it launches alongside the Debonair event and skins for Brand, Master Yi, Zed, Leona, Malzahar, Draven, and LeBlanc on Dec. 9.

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