Riot Unveils “Sessions: Diana,” Their Latest Creator-Safe Album

Riot Games Releases Second Sessions Album with “Dreamstate Vibes”

Riot Games has launched its second Sessions album, titled “Sessions: Diana,” with the aim of inspiring creators with its dreamy vibes, according to Toa Dunn, the head of Riot Music Group.

During The Game Awards, Riot unveiled Sessions: Diana, featuring 43 unique tracks and collaborations with artists from the previous copyright-free album, Sessions: Vi.

In an interview with Dot Esports, Dunn explained that Sessions offers a wide range of vibes and tones. While Sessions: Vi had a brighter feel, with the Piltover Enforcer depicted in an urban setting, Sessions: Diana takes a different direction, focusing on nature and the cosmos. Dunn described it as a nocturnal and dreamy experience.

Sessions albums are designed specifically for streamers and content creators, allowing them to use the tracks without worrying about copyright issues or infringing on Riot Music’s intellectual property. This initiative from Riot aims to alleviate the challenges creators face when dealing with copyright issues in their content.

Several community artists, including Laxcity, xander, A.L.I.S.O.N, chromonicci, and Hanz, collaborated on Sessions: Diana, bringing a fresh take to the album with captivating animation.

The animated video follows a young Diana on a journey through a forest, up a mountain, and down to the sea. Riot wanted to explore a new vibe not only through the music but also through the animation, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in Diana’s story.

By releasing Sessions: Diana, Riot is providing more creative content to engage the community and involve them in the world of League of Legends.

Ultimately, Riot’s goal is to connect with fans and players, inviting them to embark on this journey together.

Sessions: Diana is now available on major streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify as of December 9th.

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