Riot unveils boosts for Chemtech and Hextech Dragons in League Patch 11.24 preview

The Upcoming Patch 11.24 for League of Legends Brings Changes to Champions, Items, and Systems

The first major balance patch of the 2021 preseason for League of Legends is on its way. Riot Games recently shared details about Patch 11.24, which will introduce a number of buffs and adjustments to champions, items, and systems in the game.

In this upcoming patch, the champion Ivern will receive direct buffs, while Kled will undergo some adjustments. More information about these changes will be revealed tomorrow in the full Patch 11.24 preview. Additionally, changes are being tested for Rengar, although no information about the long-awaited update for this champion has been shared by the League development team.

Patch 11.24 will not only bring changes to champion balance but also to various systems, such as runes and jungle monsters. Players can expect buffs for the Hextech and Chemtech Dragons, which were recently added to the game, as well as a nerf to the effect granted by the Chemtech Dragon Soul.

Runes like Conqueror will receive a buff, while Lethal Tempo will undergo an adjustment in this patch. Apart from champion changes, certain items in the game will also be tweaked. Archangel’s Staff will receive buffs, while Axiom Arc is set to be adjusted.

According to the official patch schedule of League of Legends, Patch 11.24 is scheduled for release on December 8. It will be the final patch of the year.

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