Riot Temporarily Disables Viego in Response to a Game-Breaking Bug that Allows One-Shotting of Turrets

Viego Bug Causes Chaos in League of Legends, Riot Games Takes Action

League of Legends players are facing a game-breaking bug with the champion Viego. This bug allows him to one-shot turrets, leading to instant bans in matches. However, Riot Games is already working on a fix and has temporarily removed Viego from the live servers.

The bug was easy to replicate, making it a nightmare for ranked solo queue. All players had to do was buy a Dark Seal, get a kill with Viego, transform into the enemy champion, and die under their tower.

This resulting bug gave Viego infinite AP with his Dark Seal, allowing him to destroy towers with a single auto-attack. Additionally, his Q ability allowed him to heal up to full health with just one hit. This made it nearly impossible to stop him from steamrolling through a lane and quickly ending the game.

This bug became widely exploited in ranked solo queue, allowing some players to effortlessly climb multiple ranks. Those who knew about the bug considered Viego a permaban, while players unaware of the issue lost LP unfairly.

It is currently unknown when the bug will be fixed, and it remains to be seen how Riot Games will address players who took advantage of the bug to climb the ranked ladder.

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