Riot shares insights into how they choose League champions for legendary skins

League of Legends Developer Discusses Decision-Making Process for Legendary Skins

In a recent blog post titled “Ask Riot,” League of Legends developer Cody “Codebear” Germain provided insight into the company’s approach to developing legendary skins.

According to Riot, legendary skins require a significant amount of time to develop, so they primarily focus on champions that have a broad popularity among players.

The most recent legendary skins released in the game were for Lee Sin, Senna, and Lux. Lee Sin received the Storm Dragon skin, while Senna and Lux got High Noon and Cosmic skins, respectively.

Riot also emphasized the importance of diversity in a champion’s skin catalog, aiming to avoid creating multiple sci-fi skins for a single champion.

Although there may be some overlap between different skins, particularly with champions like Ezreal who have a wide range of options, Riot believes that players should still be satisfied with the choices available.

In terms of release timing, Riot takes into consideration if a champion is already receiving another skin. If that’s the case, they might choose a different champion to prioritize variety.

The next legendary skin set to launch in League of Legends is Battle Academia Caitlyn, which will be available on the live servers soon.

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