Riot Points out Weak Tanks as Cause for Excessive Damage, Balancing Adjustments Underway

League of Legends players voice concerns over excessive damage in the game

League of Legends players recently took to the game’s Reddit community to express their frustration with the abundance of damage in the game. They felt that the game had become too focused on dealing damage rather than strategic gameplay.

Riot addresses players’ concerns

Riot, the developer of League of Legends, responded to the players’ concerns on the game’s official message boards. While they didn’t explicitly agree or disagree with the players, they provided some insight into the issue.

Riot’s approach to the problem

Riot believes that the issue is not necessarily excessive damage, but rather the weakness of tank characters in the game. They plan to tackle this problem in two ways.

First, they will be nerfing items and stats that counter MR or armor. Riot believes that these items have become too powerful and need to be toned down. The True Damage on the Infinity Edge item will be nerfed in the next patch.

Secondly, Riot will be buffing tank characters. They will start by giving buffs to tank champions that were previously strong but were over-nerfed when the tank meta began. They will also give individual buffs to weaker tanks like Amumu, Leona, and Rammus.

Reducing the gap between pro play and average players

Riot aims to reduce the gap between professional players and average players when it comes to tank viability. They want tanks that are only useful in highly-coordinated teams to be viable for everyone else.

The plan moving forward

The changes will start with the next patch, which will include the nerf to the True Damage on the Infinity Edge. Riot will continue making adjustments in future patches leading up to the World Championships.

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