Riot is aware of emotes vanishing in ARAMs, so no need to fret!

League of Legends Bug Fix in Progress

League of Legends has always been plagued with bugs, and recently, players have been complaining about a major bug that causes emotes to disappear in ARAMs. While it may not be a game-breaking bug, it has been frustrating to many members of the community who use emotes to blow off steam during matches.

Riot Staffer Acknowledges the Bug

A Riot staffer has finally addressed the issue on the official game forums, letting players know that the bug is on their radar. This is a promising development for players who have been dealing with this bug for some time.

Uncovering the Cause of the Bug

According to Riot’s response, the bug is sporadic and unreliable, making it difficult to identify the common trigger. However, the team is actively working on finding a solution. They are implementing new in-depth logs and tracking systems to aid in the identification of the bug’s cause.

Patience Required

Unfortunately, until the cause of the bug is determined, it is difficult to estimate how long it will take to fix. It could take weeks or even months. However, players can take solace in the fact that the issue is being worked on by a dedicated team of developers.

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