Riot hints at breathtaking new skins for Irelia and Talon

Talon and Irelia join Immortal Journey skin line

Talon and Irelia have been revealed as the newest additions to the Immortal Journey skin line, alongside Master Yi, Fiora, and Janna.

The new skins, Enduring Sword Talon and Divine Sword Irelia, were teased on Riot Games’ international social media accounts, including the Brazilian League of Legends Facebook page.

The skins have a stunning East Asian influence and may be inspired by the popular Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” which follows the travels of Buddhist monk Xuanzang as he collects Buddhist texts across Asia.

Talon and Irelia are the first additions to the Immortal Journey skin line since its launch in September of last year. Previous skins in the line were priced at 1,350 RP and included new models, animations, sound effects, and visual effects.

These new skins are expected to be released during the Patch 8.17 cycle, following Irelia’s first skin since June 2015 and Talon’s first skin since last February.

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