Riot focuses on resolving League client issues in 2021

League of Legends Client Updates Planned for 2021, Says Executive Producer

In the latest edition of “lol pls”, League of Legends executive producer Jessica Nam discussed the future plans for the game’s client. Nam emphasized that the developers aim to address issues related to loading times and memory usage in the client, resulting in a significantly faster experience compared to 2020.

While the client has become more efficient, there are still challenges with the social networking features. Some players are unable to view their Friends List, making it difficult to interact or queue up with others. Nam assured players that these issues will be addressed in the coming year.

Throughout 2020, Riot made progress in improving areas such as champion select and post-game lobbies. It is expected that resolving social panel issues will be a top priority for the developers in the near future.

However, the frequent crashes experienced by players pose a more complex challenge. Nam expressed the intention to thoroughly investigate and address all crash reports submitted by players.

Players often encounter failures during champion select or while loading onto the Rift. These crashes can result in being stuck on the loading screen or being forced to dodge a pick/ban phase. Riot will prioritize resolving these issues to enhance the overall player experience.

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