Riot delays release of highly anticipated Firelight Ekko skin

Firelight Ekko Skin Release Delayed due to Sound Effects

Riot Games has announced a delay in the release of the upcoming Firelight Ekko skin in League of Legends. The delay is primarily due to the sound effects of the skin, according to a comment from Riot Games’ lead skin producer, Ambrielle “Katana” Army.

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In a Reddit comment, Army acknowledged that the absence of sound effects in the skin was an oversight and a miscommunication internally. To rectify this, Riot Games will take some extra time to add new sound effects to the skin before releasing it.

Addressing Player Feedback and Making Improvements

Riot Games will be taking Firelight Ekko off the League Public Beta Environment (PBE) to address player feedback and make improvements. Additionally, the League skins team will be working on developing a Homeguard animation for Firelight Ekko and making some small adjustments to his visual effects.

This update will introduce a hoverboard for Firelight Ekko, allowing him to fly out of the base whenever his Homeguard boots are active. This animation is inspired by Ekko’s appearances in the animated series Arcane and aims to enhance the storytelling and celebration of the series.

Possible 2022 Release, First Paid Arcane Skin

Firelight Ekko’s updated release date has not been announced yet, but with the delays, it’s likely that the skin will not be available on the live League servers until 2022. This skin will be the first paid tribute to Arcane, as previous Arcane skins for Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jayce were given for free earlier this year.

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