Riot aims to introduce new items in League to address gaps, including anti-dive Enchanter and anti-split tank options.

Riot Games Continues to Improve League of Legends Item System

Riot Games, the developers behind League of Legends, have made significant changes to the game’s item system this year. However, their work is far from over.

In a recent video titled “lol pls,” game director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon shared insights into the current state of the game, specifically focusing on the new item system introduced in season 11. In the video, Meddler stated that Riot is exploring the addition of non-Mythic items to address certain gaps in the system.

Meddler gave a glimpse of what these new items might entail, mentioning an Enchanter item designed to counter dive compositions or teams that heavily prioritize killing carries. He also discussed the possibility of introducing a tank item meant to counter champions that excel at split pushing, providing an option for players who are not split pushers themselves.

Even though season 11 is already five patches deep, Riot is committed to continuously improving the item system by adding more options that cater to various playstyles. For example, an Enchanter item that can effectively protect an AD carry from four-player assaults in the bot lane would greatly benefit supports. Tanks having access to a counter against splitpushers would also help relieve some of the pressure they face, especially if they are losing their lane.

The aim of the new item system was to offer players more choice, build diversity, and a balanced and exciting experience. However, such a massive undertaking inevitably encountered some challenges.

Meddler acknowledged that certain individual items overshadowed potentially interesting build choices, such as Goredrinker and Sunfire Cape. Riot has already addressed some overpowered items this season, such as burst items, Bami’s Cinder gear, and systemic healing. The development team is actively working to achieve further goals in order to improve the overall state of the game.

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