Resolut1on departs OG; Coach 7Mad takes over as midlaner

Russian midlaner and carry player Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok is leaving European team OG after just six months. The organization made the announcement on its official Facebook page, attributing the decision to Resolut1on’s underwhelming performances in tournaments. OG’s coach Sebastian “7Mad” Debs will now take on the role of midlaner.

OG signed Resolut1on during the post-International 7 roster shuffle, but struggled to find success in the Pro Circuit. It took them three months to find their rhythm with Resolut1on, and they finally won at MDL Macau last December. However, since MDL Macau was not an official Pro Circuit event, they did not earn any qualification points for TI8.

After that, OG’s results were mediocre. They placed in the top four at Captains Draft 4.0 and The Summit 8, but then finished eighth at ESL One Katowice and were eliminated in the group stage of the PGL Bucharest Major.

The roster change poses a significant risk for OG, as they will now have to go through the European open qualifiers for TI8. This means they will have to compete in best-of-one matches, increasing the possibility of being eliminated early.

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