Remaining 52 Days: TI8 Prize Pool Surpasses $20 Million

The International 8 Prize Pool Hits $20 Million Milestone

The prize pool for The International 8 has surpassed $20 million, thanks to the ongoing crowdfunding campaign powered by the 2018 International Battle Pass.

The base prize pool of $1.6 million, set by Dota 2 developer and publisher Valve, has been boosted by nearly $18.5 million through the crowdfunding campaign.

The pot for this year’s tournament is still lagging behind last year’s, with a deficit of about 2.3 percent at this stage. However, this gap has significantly decreased compared to two weeks ago, thanks to the release of battle level and treasure bundle by Valve.

While there has been a decrease in fan interest for this year’s Battle Pass compared to the previous year, there is still plenty of time for the campaign to catch up. With 52 days remaining until the Battle Pass expires on September 1, Valve may introduce additional incentives to boost sales.

This could potentially be the first year in Dota 2 history where the prize pool does not surpass the previous record. Nevertheless, fans can still expect exciting developments in the coming weeks.

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