Rekkles and Vander maintain a deathless record in the first week of the 2020 LEC Summer Split

Impressive Performance: Rekkles and Vander Go Deathless in the First Week of LEC Summer Split

It is a remarkable feat for players to finish a professional League of Legends game without a death. In the 2020 LEC Summer Split, Fnatic’s Rekkles and Rogue’s Vander are the only players remaining without a death, according to statistics.

Vander: Breaking the Norm

Vander’s deathless performance in the first week is surprising considering his role as a support player for Rogue. Typically, support players are in the thick of the action, initiating fights or protecting their teammates. Unfortunately, this often means sacrificing themselves. However, Vander defied expectations and did not die during his matches.

Throughout the weekend, the 26-year-old veteran played Lulu, Thresh, and Yuumi without a single death. It is worth noting that Rogue’s match against Excel Esports resulted in zero deaths for the entire team, showcasing the team’s exceptional performance in week one.

Rekkles: Thriving in the AD Carry Position

Rekkles’ perfect weekend without any deaths is also impressive, considering his role as an AD carry. This role often experiences high death rates due to frequent ganks from mid laners and junglers. However, Fnatic had a stellar weekend, which could explain Rekkles’ flawless record.

Fnatic performed excellently as a team, with minimal deaths in their matches against Excel and Vitality. They displayed a smart and precise playstyle throughout their games.

Upcoming Challenges for Fnatic

In the coming week, Fnatic will face off against MAD Lions and Origen. MAD Lions showed strength by defeating a rising SK Gaming squad in week one and will undoubtedly be hungry for more success. Meanwhile, Origen will be seeking a comeback after only securing one victory last weekend.

You can catch the LEC Summer Split when it resumes on Friday, June 19.

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