Rekkles advocates for reworking AD carries rather than introducing new ones

Rekkles prefers reworking ADCs rather than releasing new ones

In a recent Twitch livestream, Rekkles, the former EU LCS champion and Worlds finalist in League of Legends, shared his opinion on the latest AD carry releases.

Rekkles stated, “I would rather see [Riot] rework AD carries than release more newer ones. It’s just gonna happen [like] what happened with Aphelios and Senna, where older ones are so outdated that they’re not playable anymore, and the newer ones are so [fresh] that they will always be played…If I could play Vayne every game I would love it.”


Rekkles further explained that while older ADCs have interesting kits, they simply can’t compare to the kits of the latest releases. He used Jhin as an example, saying that playing Jhin in 2020 doesn’t feel like playing League of Legends.


Riot Games previously had some limitations on released kits, but with champions like Sett, Senna, and Aphelios, they seem to have overcome those limits. The older champions feel outdated compared to the unique designs of the present.

While reworks may not please players who prefer a specific champion in its original form, they are necessary to bring back champions who have fallen out of play. Not all reworks succeed, but understanding what makes a champion fun and interactive and building upon that is a good start.

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