Record-breaking Dota 2 series surpasses the 5-hour mark in its own TV mini-series

Longest Pro Dota 2 Series in History

During the qualifiers for ESL One Birmingham, G2.iG and Azure Ray battled it out in an epic pro series of Dota 2, setting a new record for the longest match in the game’s history. The contest lasted for over five hours, surpassing all expectations.

China’s Dota 2 Scene Heats Up

The Dota 2 scene in China has experienced a significant increase in competition. Two newly formed teams, Azure Ray and G2.iG, faced off in the final series for the single qualifying spot in ESL One Birmingham. This highly anticipated matchup ended up being a marathon, lasting over five hours and earning its place as the longest pro series in Dota 2 history.

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