Real Dealer’s ‘9 Masks of Fire’ Title sets Roulette on Fire

Real Dealer Studios Launches 9 Masks of Fire Roulette with Unique Cinematic Approach

9 Masks of Fire, a popular slots game loved by players worldwide, is now making its grand entrance into the world of table games thanks to Real Dealer Studios’ innovative film-making methods.

Real Dealer Studios, known for its cinematic casino games, has utilized its signature techniques from the film industry to create the first-ever online roulette adaptation of the successful 9 Masks of Fire slots game.

The newly released 9 Masks of Fire Roulette introduces a thrilling random multiplier feature, allowing players to potentially increase their payouts on straight-up bets by up to 500 times. At the start of each round, the multiplier values are set on five slots-style reels, each representing a lucky number chosen randomly. The more masks appear on a reel, the higher the potential payout for that corresponding number.

Similar to its slots predecessor, this European roulette title embraces lively tribal characters, blazing flames, and ancient gold. The upbeat African music heightens the excitement, while festive masked dancers celebrate the player’s every win.

In terms of visuals, 9 Masks of Fire Roulette elevates the game compared to its slots counterpart by seamlessly integrating film-quality video into the animated graphical elements. Real Dealer achieved this through their innovative Cinematic RNG process, where polished video footage is combined with a random number generator-based game framework.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, stated, “We made sure to give this production our signature Cinematic RNG treatment to create a modern ‘wow’ factor, while still staying true to the classic graphical theme and overall fun vibe of the original title. This allows slots fans to feel right at home when trying out the roulette version while being impressed with the fresh look. Likewise, table games players can fully enjoy the 9 Masks experience in the best way possible.”

9 Masks of Fire Roulette can exclusively be played on Games Global platform.

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