New Study Reveals Alarming Percentage of Student Gamblers Exceeding Affordability Limits

By Saloni Sehmi
New Research Shows Nearly Half of Student Gamblers are Gambling More than they can Afford

Growing Number of University Students Gambling Beyond Their Means

Nearly half of university students who gamble are betting more money than they can afford, according to the latest Annual Student Gambling Survey. The survey, which polled 2,000 students in the UK, found that these student gamblers are losing an average of £35.25 per week. To fund their gambling, 32% are using their savings, 23% are relying on their student loans, 10% are using money from their parents, and 8% are resorting to their overdrafts.

New Regulations and Risky Gambling Behaviors

These findings come after the government announced a new regulation limiting online slots spins to £2 for 18 to 24-year-olds. Gambling operators will also be conducting checks on players who experience a net loss exceeding £125 per month or £500 per year. The survey also incorporated the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) to measure at-risk gambling behavior. From the surveyed students, 21% were categorized as “problem gamblers” and 28% were at “moderate risk” of developing gambling problems.

Influence of Friends and Online Platforms

According to the survey, the biggest influences on student gambling are friends (34%), followed by sports events (26%) and social media (25%). This highlights the necessity of educating young people about responsible gambling habits. Many students face criticism from others for their gambling habits, and more than half admit feeling guilty about their gambling activities.

Impact of Gambling on Students

The consequences of gambling extend beyond financial implications, with 46% of students reporting that it has negatively affected their university experience. This includes difficulties paying for food, seeking hardship loans, and missing out on social activities and work deadlines. Furthermore, 1 in 16 student gamblers claimed that they have considered dropping out of university due to their gambling habits.

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