BOS agrees with KV’s/KO’s assessment of “Trisskrapet” advertising on TV4

By Saloni Sehmi

The Debate Over “Trisskrapet” Advertising on TV4

The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) agrees with the Swedish Consumer Agency’s (KV) and the Consumer Ombudsman’s (KO) assessment that the daily scratch card commercial “Trisskrapet” in TV4 is an advertising feature, and thus not an editorial feature. BOS welcomes that KO is now ending that part of the process.

If Svenska Spel does not stop the advertising elements, BOS looks forward to KV following up on its earlier call to Svenska Spel to comply with the provisions on advertising identification and broadcaster declaration in section 9 of the Marketing Act and the information obligation in ch. 15. Section 3 of the Gambling Act with information on the 18-year-old age limit and where to turn in case of gambling problems.

Call for Clarity and Consumer Protection

– The Swedish gambling market must be characterized by a high level of consumer protection. A cornerstone of good consumer protection is that people are clear about what constitutes gambling advertising, i.e. that they are not tricked into thinking that an advertising feature would instead be an editorial feature. The daily “Trisskrapet” on TV4 has been anything but clear on that point, and we welcome that KO now finally establishes that the features constitute advertising and nothing else, says Gustaf Hoffstedt.

– Now it remains for Svenska Spel to introduce the mandatory consumer protection labelling of Trisskrapet. Since the company has not shown any excessive eagerness to introduce this voluntarily, KO should ensure that this happens as soon as possible. Every day and every “Trisskrapet” that does not contain the mandatory consumer protection label is another lost day for a safe and secure gambling market, Gustaf Hoffstedt concludes.

Implications for the Gambling Industry

The ongoing debate surrounding the advertising practices of “Trisskrapet” on TV4 highlights the importance of transparency and consumer protection in the gambling industry. As regulatory bodies like KV and KO take a stand on distinguishing between editorial content and advertising features, companies like Svenska Spel are urged to prioritize compliance with advertising regulations to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment.

Looking ahead, the outcome of this situation could set a precedent for how gambling advertising is monitored and regulated in Sweden, ultimately shaping the future landscape of the industry and reinforcing the principles of consumer protection.

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