Powerful Teams from the East: iG.V, LFY, and LGD Qualify for The International

Chinese Regional Qualifiers Conclude with Impressive Teams

The Chinese regional qualifiers have recently concluded, and the Chinese scene is now ready for The International. Thanks to the exceptional performance of Invictus Gaming and Newbee, China has been able to secure victories in several key LAN events this year. With the addition of talented teams from the qualifiers, it is evident that the rest of the world needs to acknowledge the strength of the Chinese teams in Seattle.

IG.Vitality Emerges as the First Chinese Qualifier

IG.Vitality proved themselves as the top team in the Chinese qualifiers by securing the first slot. Led by Xu “Sakata” Zichen and his skilled teammates, the team dominated the highly competitive group stage. It was a tightly contested competition where every team had the ability to defeat one another, as demonstrated by the round robin table.

LGD Teams Demonstrate Exceptional Skill and Versatility

LGD Gaming will once again have two teams representing their organization at The International. The first team is LGD.Forever Young, consisting of talented players like Tue “Ahfu” Soon Chuan (formerly of WarriorsGaming.Unity) and Du “Monet” Peng. Leong “DDC” Fat-meng, one of the few players to have attended every TI, also plays for LFY. Their spot at TI7 is well-deserved, considering their top 4 finish at Epicenter and the consistent high-level gameplay they have displayed in recent weeks.

LGD Gaming’s main squad, LGD Gaming, secured their place at The International by defeating EHOME.Keen in the loser’s finals of the playoff bracket. LGD showcased their versatility and experience in the series, employing an aggressive gank-heavy strategy centered around heroes like Puck, Kunkka, and Batrider. This tactic led to an impressive 26-6 kill score in favor of LGD by the end of game 1.

In game 2, EHOME.K initially gained an advantage with their own variation of LGD’s draft from game 1. However, LGD’s Chen “Victoria” Guanhong stunned the opposition with an exceptional Earth Spirit performance. Around the 21-minute mark, EHOME.K lost their advantage, and LGD never let up on their dominance.

Chinese Teams Poised to Break the Pattern

These three teams, along with direct invites iG and Newbee, will represent China at The International. Although history suggests that a non-Chinese team will win the title this year due to the odd-numbered pattern, the talent present in the Chinese teams gives them a solid chance to break this trend.

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