Wolfe Glick, Pokémon world champion, set to make commentator debut at Indianapolis Regionals

By Declan Duffy

Pokemon Champion Turned Commentator

Following his recent victory at the Orlando Regionals, Wolfe Glick is gearing up to take on the challenge of commentating at the upcoming Indianapolis Regionals this weekend. This unexpected shift in roles has stirred the excitement of the Play! Pokemon community, as Glick steps into the role of a caster for the first time.

A New Role for a Familiar Face

Play! Pokemon revealed the lineup of casters for the Indianapolis Regionals, surprising fans by including the former world champion and renowned content creator, Wolfe Glick. In a tweet posted on May 2nd, Glick shared his excitement for this new opportunity, stating that he is looking forward to providing commentary at an official Pokemon event for the first time. The community’s response to this announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, with VGC veteran Jeudy Azzarelli expressing their enthusiasm for the star-studded caster team.

Community Anticipation and Support

Fans and players alike are eagerly anticipating Glick’s debut as a commentator, eager to see how his unique perspective and expert knowledge will enhance the viewing experience. With a lineup that includes other notable figures like Gabby, the Indianapolis Regionals promises to be a memorable event for all those tuning in.

Excitement Builds for Indianapolis Regionals

As Glick prepares to take on this new challenge, the Pokemon community is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Indianapolis Regionals. With a diverse lineup of casters and the inclusion of a seasoned competitor like Glick, the event is sure to offer a fresh and exciting perspective for fans of the VGC scene.

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