Player achieves 4 rapid kills in daring 1-vs-4 tower dive

A League of Legends Player Turns the Tide in a Tower Dive

When it comes to tower dives in League of Legends, being on the receiving end usually means certain death. However, one League player showcased an incredible performance by turning the tables and securing four kills during a one-vs-four skirmish under their own tower.

The impressive play was captured in a clip posted on Reddit, where the player, controlling Ashe, found themselves in a dire situation after losing their lane partner early on. With four enemy players closing in from different angles, quick thinking and target swapping became crucial for the Ashe player as they faced the entirety of the enemy team attacking them simultaneously.

Despite losing their lane partner, the Ashe player managed to secure a kill of their own by taking down the enemy support, resulting in an even trade. This left both teams with a one-for-one trade. However, the Ashe player didn’t stop there and continued to attack the enemy team.

Through clever use of abilities like Ranger’s Focus (Q) and Volley (W), the Ashe player successfully defended themselves, slowing down the enemy’s tower dive and forcing them to retreat back into the bottom-side jungle. Additionally, a well-timed cast of Heal provided the Ashe player with bonus health and movement speed, allowing them to kite the enemy Garen, who was the only champion higher level than the Ashe player at that time.

Once the opposing Garen was eliminated, the Ashe player’s abilities came off cooldown, presenting them with an excellent opportunity to use Volley (W) once again. This time, their targets were the enemy Pyke and Miss Fortune players, who were attempting to escape the fight.

The Miss Fortune player succumbed to the damage from Volley, while the Pyke player required an extra auto attack from the Ashe player to secure the kill, ultimately putting an end to the failed tower dive. On the other side of the battle, the Ashe player, who was already fed, earned their well-deserved ninth kill of the game just 13 minutes into the match.

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