Play the newest Dota 2 hero, Grimstroke, available for gameplay instantly

Valve Introduces Two New Heroes to Dota 2

Dota 2 continues to expand its roster of heroes with the addition of two new characters, Mars and Grimstroke. The release of Grimstroke was a surprise, as he was immediately available to play on the same day he was announced during The International 8 competition.

Grimstroke’s Ultimate Ability: Soulbind

Grimstroke, a support hero, comes with four unique spells. His ultimate ability, Soulbind, is particularly powerful. It binds an enemy hero to its nearest allied hero, preventing them from moving away from each other. The interesting part is that any spell that hits one of the affected heroes will also hit the other one, enabling Grimstroke’s team to unleash devastating combo moves like double “Doom” or “Laguna Blade.”

While Grimstroke is readily available to play, Mars remains a mystery. Despite some of Mars’ assets being discovered in the game earlier this year, no further information has been released beyond his announcement.

Exciting Announcements at The International

The introduction of these two heroes was just one of the many announcements made at this year’s iteration of The International. The biggest surprise came on the first day of the tournament’s main event when Valve CEO Gabe Newell revealed that every attendee would receive a free copy of the highly-anticipated card game, Artifact, along with beta access later this year.

Now, before the final day of The International 8 begins, take the opportunity to try out Grimstroke in a few games.

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