PGL Alters Tie-Breaker Ruleset During Qualifier

PGL Adjusts Format of Qualifiers for PGL Bucharest Open Minor

PGL, the organizers behind one of the last remaining Valve events of 2017, has made an adjustment to the format of its qualifiers mid-tournament. The qualifiers for the upcoming PGL Bucharest Open Minor, taking place from Sept. 11 to 18, included a rule known as time rating, which is used to evade tiebreaker situations in group stages. Instead of playing separate matches between tied teams, the competitor with longer matches is eliminated.

Fnatic’s Dota 2 Roster Out of the Competition Due to Time Rating Rule

Fnatic’s new Dota 2 roster found themselves in this situation early on Sept. 11. Competing in the Southeast Asian qualifier’s group stage, Fnatic carry player Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao tweeted prior to their final game that the team would not be able to advance. As a result, Fnatic’s opponents Mineski and Happy Feet moved on to the playoffs because Fnatic’s average game length in the group stage was longer than theirs.

While the time rating rule is considered unfavorable for tiebreakers, it is useful for streamlining competitions. This is why it was implemented for the qualifiers, as mentioned in a statement by a PGL representative to joinDOTA. However, due to pressure from the Dota 2 community and players competing in the qualifiers, it has been decided that tiebreakers will be included in future qualifiers. Unfortunately, this decision came too late for Fnatic, as they were already eliminated from the Southeast Asian qualifier. As a result, they will not be attending the Valve Minor in October.

PGL Bucharest Open LAN Finals to Feature 12 Teams

The PGL Bucharest Open LAN finals will consist of a total of 12 teams. This exciting event is set to take place between Oct. 19 to 22.

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