Perkz Tops LCS Players in Varied Picks this Spring Split with 13 Champions in 18 Games

Perkz Leads with the Deepest Champion Pool in the LCS Spring Split

Perkz, the mid laner for Cloud9 in the LCS, has proven himself to be the player with the widest range of champion selections in North America. According to Leaguepedia, Perkz played a total of 13 different champions during the 2021 LCS Spring Split.

Perkz’s Winning Champions

Azir, Tristana, and Orianna were the three champions that Perkz played more than once and they contributed to C9’s success with seven wins. In addition to these champions, Perkz also carried his team to victory with Irelia, LeBlanc, Ryze, Zoe, Yone, and even Yasuo.

Perkz’s Unsuccessful Picks

Perkz played Galio, Lucian, Syndra, and Viktor once each, but unfortunately did not secure a win with them.

Initially, it seemed that Dardoch from Dignitas would hold the record for the most unique champion selections in the LCS. However, Dardoch ended up tying with Finn, Newbie, and Jensen for the second-most unique picks with a total of 11.

Perkz will have the opportunity to further expand his champion pool in the upcoming matches. His most-played champion, Azir, received significant nerfs in Patch 11.5, while champions like Akali and Sylas, whom Perkz has previously played, are set to receive buffs in Patch 11.6.

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